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If you search the internet for a loan of, for example, 12500 euros, you will see that you are buried under the information, but which information is interesting to know and what is useful to you. When applying, you must of course pay close attention to interest and it is important that you take a term that is not too long, but also not too short. If you take too long a term, then you are stuck for years on a loan that you could actually have paid a lot faster, in this way you continue to pay interest longer than necessary, if you choose a too short term, the monthly amount can be too high and you have trouble paying off.

Familiarize borrowing 12500

Familiarize borrowing 12500 somewhere

In your search for a reliable lender you must of course always choose a Dutch company, these must adhere to all rules regarding the requested interest and it must also be immediately clear how much you will repay per month and what you will pay during the entire term. total interest. Dutch lenders adhere to this neatly and can possibly provide you with advice as to which is the best solution for you.

Which credit do I choose

Which credit do I choose

Another but equally important question is what type of credit you choose. What do you need the loan for, is it to buy something expensive and do you need the entire amount in one go, then you opt for a personal loan. With this loan form, the interest rate is fixed throughout the entire term and the monthly amount is the same throughout the term, in other words, no surprises, and after the last term you are completely rid of it.

Revolving credit


The revolving credit is essentially different from the previous loan form. You do not use this to purchase an expensive item, but more for having some money that you can use to replace or repair something that breaks and may need to be replaced. Think of replacing your washing machine or purchasing a new television. With a revolving credit the interest rate is variable and the term does not always have to be fixed, there is also a revolving credit where you only pay off the interest. You will not receive the intended amount of 12500 euros in your account, but it will be made available to you on a separate account number. If you do not take anything from the credit, you will not pay any interest, you will only pay when you withdraw money.

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