Tricks to sell your used car for great money

Browse advertising sites or used car dealerships and you’ll almost always get austere text descriptions with a few technical details. Of course, mileage or engine volume are important, but you have to put emotions in the sales text.

Put a little emotion in the label


In 2015, German Firat Demirhan sold a 17-year-old Opel Tigra, which had a market value of about CZK 20,000. But Demirhan wrote 6 standard pages and 3,000 words for his Opel: the longest ad in eBay history. In that flowery, he described his love for the car and why he was getting rid of it. His partner was expecting a child and the three-door Tigra was no longer enough.

Result? He sold the car for almost 1.5 million crowns and almost all the world media wrote about his ad.

Take breathtaking photos

Take breathtaking photos

Photos sell. This applies to every e-shop and advertising server. You should take your car at least 10 times.

The classic is front view, oblique front view, side view, oblique back view and rear view. Add some photos of the interior or what’s most interesting about the car – alloy wheels, luxury headlights or a CNG tank.

Remember that car looks majestic if you take it from below. Therefore, kneel down or lie down while shooting, and keep the camera almost on the ground. Buy or at least rent a compact or SLR camera to take pictures, you won’t make such nice photos with your mobile.

Finally, you should take pictures in the countryside on a nice sunny day. Your car must stand out in the photo, so there’s nothing to disturb in the background – a complete taboo is taking pictures of the car on the street with other vehicles.

Blow the car perfectly

Blow the car perfectly

Visiting the dishwasher and vacuuming the interior is not enough. Drive to a company that cleans your seats wetly, washes plastics, polishes wheel rims, and repairs car paint defects.

Don’t forget the undercarriage or under the hood – the clean and shiny engine looks a few years younger than a dusty and slowly corroding machine. If you have used tires, buy new ones. Replace the exhaust when it leaves.

 Provide service history

It is best if you have a service book, but you can convince future owners of your car without it. After each major repair, keep your documents and invoices so that you can prove that you actually replaced the wiring six months ago.

On the other hand, don’t be afraid to admit if the car was demolished. Honesty buyers will appreciate much more than a hidden fact. Plus, you never know who you meet – some buyers take service with them who can quickly detect your small scam.

Sell ​​directly to buyers

Sell ​​directly to buyers

Selling a car to the bazaar may be easier and faster, but remember that the bazaar on your car must earn. Therefore, it will buy it at a price below the fair market value.

So, to maximize your selling price, you need to go directly to potential buyers on your ad servers or newspapers. There are work, worries and sometimes problems, but in most cases you can talk to the buyer in a few days.

What is your experience in selling a used car? Do you manage to sell it for a dream price, or do you have to retreat? Share your experience on our Facebook page.


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