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A title loan can be an interesting alternative to a quick loan over the internet. What are its main advantages, where to take it and what to pay attention to before signing the contract? Advise. 

Title loans are offered by more and more non-bank financial institutions. The reason for this may be … increased demand for this type of service. Now the best for auto loans is that there is no denying that where supply increases, demand also increases. 

The amount of the car loan can be much higher than the payday amount. Borrowing a loan, you can receive up to several tens of thousands of zlotys. Without providing employment and earnings statements or bank statements.

Loan companies that grant such loans also do not look at the Credit Information Bureau records, which can be a huge advantage for many clients. Car loans are often the last resort for people with bailiffs or very indebted.


Who can take out a car loan?

Depending on the company, the criteria for lenders may differ slightly. The main differences are usually only about age. Some lenders decide to borrow money by 18, others take 21 as the minimum age. The borrower should, of course, have an insured car (some lenders require that it be only a liability insurance policy, others – liability insurance and AC).
In most cases, the car is the subject of the lien may not be older than 10-12 years. The borrower should be the owner of the vehicle – it cannot be a car that he uses under a leasing contract or in a loan. To borrow the money you will need an ID card (often a second ID), a mobile phone number and a bank account. It will also be necessary to provide the lender with car registration documents with a technical inspection (sometimes also a vehicle card) and confirmation of the conclusion of an insurance policy.


How to borrow a car against collateral?

Borrowing money is a bit different than getting a quick non-bank loan online. The first step should be choosing a company that will provide funding. Before you make a decision, thoroughly “x-ray” the lender of your choice, check what other customers think about it and when it has been on the market. A longer internship usually indicates competence and a stable, unwavering position.


Visit the lender’s website where you want to pawn the car

The next stage of applying for a quick loan should be a visit to the website of the selected lender. Use the sliders to specify your preferred loan amount and repayment date, and then complete the short contact form. The form is not a loan application. After receiving it, a loan advisor will contact you by phone. To discuss all the details. Importantly, the loan amount depends primarily on the value of the car. The higher the value of the vehicle, the more money you can borrow. In most companies, you will get a loan of up to 80 or even 85 percent car values.


Will I still be able to drive the car that I pawned?

Visit the lender

Many people who plan to borrow money are wondering if they will be able to use their cars on a daily basis. The answer here is very simple – absolutely. The fact that the vehicle will become the subject of the pledge does not mean that its use under current conditions will not be possible.
It is worth knowing, however, that based on the transfer agreement signed with the lender, he becomes a co-owner of your car.
As soon as you return the entire borrowed amount, the entire value of the vehicle will be transferred to you again.
In order for the lender to become a formal co-owner of a vehicle, you must make the necessary communication department appropriate for your place of residence.


What formalities should be completed?

Based on the transfer of ownership agreement and power of attorney, you should submit an application for the loan company as co-owner of the car to be registered.


What if I don’t refund my money on time?

car loan

If you do not pay back the car loan on time, the lender will have the right to take over your car. This type of security eliminates the need to provide employment and income certificates or other documents confirming income. In the event of repayment problems, the car may become the property of the loan company. Cash will cover the cost of the unpaid portion of the loan.

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